Top 7 Countries in Asia! – Drew Binsky – 2018

Asia has been my home since 2013, when I moved to South Korea to teach English. Over the last 5 years, I’ve lived in Vietnam, the Philippines and currently Thailand — and I’ve been to almost every country on the beautiful continent of Asia. Each culture in Asia is very unique — from religions to traditions, nature, history, cuisines and rituals — and it provides endless opportunities to learn and discover. But above anything else, THE PEOPLE of Asia are the most hospitable and welcoming as they come. Admittedly, it has been very hard to choose only 7 of my favorite Asian countries to feature in this video (because I truly love every place for a different reason) — but when it all comes down to it, these would be my 7 favorite countries on this amazing place called Asia! THE PHILIPPINES SOUTH KOREA, SINGAPORE, VIETNAM, NEPAL, INDONESIA, JAPAN What would be your top 7 in Asia? Why? Please comment below and let’s get the discussion started! PS – I kept this video limited to East/South/Southeast Asian countries. While the Middle East and West/Central Asia are technically Asian countries, I consider them very culturally different. Iran and Tajikstan would be on this list if it was all of Asia!
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